Thursday, September 24, 2009

It got better..!

Considering the start the week had it made a pretty successful improvement. There as been plenty of hard work and plenty of fun going on here this week :D Bugs and Taz have discovered Airfix modelling (thanx to the workbox system) and have thoroughly enjoyed putting together a helicopter and a war plane, respectively. Taz blogged about his - he is pretty chuffed with it and I must say he's done a neat job for a first go.
There's been painting of the bas-relief art we made last week (they look good - photos to follow) and learning of Latin (well just a teenie bit) in History. Today we have some more to learn about our earth and some Spanish review planned for after lunch - it'll be interesting to find out how much has been remembered forgotten.

Just now Minnie, Tweetie, Lilo and DD are supposed to be playing a game together, but they are tittle-tattling to me about this and that every two minutes, which drives me mad! DD keeps complaining he is 'getting bored' and being a bit disruptive, but I want him to get the idea that he needs to see things through - and it's NOT a boring game, it's just not his choice! Stitch is of course trying to get in on the act as always and not easily persuaded to  play with anything else..!
Me, I'm hiding ;-) And contemplating what I'm going to make for lunch - and tea (Paul is out again tonight) - and thinking about the astronomy lesson later - and blogging (of course!).

We still don't know what we will do with the big blue bus. It might get to the garage today. It was the plan to take it in yesterday, but the garage we like to use is closed on Wednesday afternoons. We need to get a quote from them before we decide what to do next. I just wish we had a stash of money to go buy a nice spanking new one that we wouldn't have to spend any serious money on for a few years, but of course, we really don't!!

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