Monday, September 07, 2009

Swimming, Climbing, Socialising

We were planning to go crabbing this morning, but it never happened as everyone slept in :D So when we were eventually ready we headed into town to the Leisure Pool (another must-do for this trip) and played there on the flumes and waves for an hour and a half, which was the length of the session. We thought that would be long enough, but none of them wanted to get out when time was called - shame, as it wasn't cheap and it would have been nice to stay in till they were tired of it, but all the same it was good to have a cut-off and leave time for other things in the day - like food! We went to Sloppy Joes in the town. It's a place I used to go regularly with the three eldest when they were small and has been there at least the 15 years that we have lived and not-lived there. The food was excellent as always and the kids enjoyed it :D
After that we went to play around Castle Park for a little while, clambering on the old ruins and on the castle walls (they were told not to do that, but I was quietly quite impressed with how brave they were!). I tried to get a shot of all seven children, but was not terribly successful!

When we were done there we took a nip across town to some old friends of ours who were away last time we were visiting and consequently we hadn't seen them in 6 years & had never met their youngest who has now started Yr1 in school! I am always so pleased when I can step back into a friendship like I've never been away and so many of those we caught up with this week were like that - it's been wonderful :D But not only that but all the children in all the families we've visited have hit it off with ours too and there have been instant friendships formed - brilliant, but sad that we can't develop them any more than the occasional trip!

As always there are more pictures over on my 365 if your interested :D

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