Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Funny Things…

You know how sometimes over the dinner table the strangest conversations can take place…well we had one of those tonight. We were doing the quizzes on the mini-smarties packets, leading to chatting about the planets and how ‘Uranus’ is such a funny word - of course leading to sniggers from my older boys. I then chipped in that I remembered a time when Joel was obsessed with the word ‘faeces’ after learning in when we were doing our original body project some years ago - he had forgotten!  After bantering the word about for a few minutes making a few silly sentences with it, Phoebe pipes up “My dolly has a ‘Fifi’ in her bottom!” -  Bless her - we all burst into hysterics, much to her dismay ;( She has not yet quite learnt to laugh at herself too well, added to the fact she did not really know what she had said that was so funny!

Talking of comical words we have another new one in our family, created in honour of Nathanael - it is ‘Natastrophy’ and relates to just about everything this little man does!! In one week (at the Elim annual conference) he managed to get a golf ball in his eye, burn his hand rather nastily (he was so determined to get his hand in that oven despite endless warnings of its heat, he snuck down from the table an in a second had opened the oven door!), and get himself knocked out/passed out by falling backwards out of the doorway onto the rough concrete path outside (with Caleb landing on top of him!). He really is all the crazy bits of each of my others all rolled into one - he knows no fear, is scarily daring, incredibly agile, and boundlessly full of energy. He is strong willed and determined (a good and bad thing) and will persist with anything until he has it mastered - even if it is something he should NOT be doing!

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