Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Work-Boxes, Bees and Seriously Warm!!

Today was the first try out of our new work-box system for real. Yesterday I had a little try of it with C and he really seemed to enjoy it - eager to move on to the next number, but still making a decent attempt at all of the activites. Today the others were having none of it - they all wanted me to fill up their boxes and get cracking on it. It did seem to work really well today. There are bits that need some fine tuning admittedly, but on the whole it was met with enthusiasm, a general understanding of the idea and a good attitude. Not quite all the activities got completed but that was mainly because we didn't start on the dot of 9 and we needed to finish on the dot of 3.30 to get the girls to their drama group :D
I'll post up some links to the system another time. In our home it has required a little modification, but it think this will work OK - it did today ;)

On the way home from drama Boo spotted something on the ground in the undergrowth and asked what it was. On closer inspection it was this;
I think it's honey bees - correct me if I'm wrong! That'll be one to keep an eye on over the summer for more reasons than one!

Later in the evening R came over for a couple of hours and this is what ensued... It was scorching hot, yet sticky and humid here with spatterings of rain on and off all day. This was good way to cool off before tea and bed :D

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Jan said...

More likely some kind of wasp, I think: http://www.theragens.com/photos/Wildlife/Wasp_Nest_Photo_2002-01.jpg