Thursday, June 25, 2009

School in Alternative Forms…

Sometimes life just haps upon your path and great things happen. Today we needed to get access to the room where the swallows were nesting (to install a TV point) and to our pleasure the babies had fledged this morning, only into the room instead of outside. So when we entered they were a little disturbed by us and we were worried the babies would hurt themselves flying into the windows. Fortunately the aerial man was a bird watcher (how excited was he to find four little newly fledged baby swallows sitting on the door of the room!) and knew exactly what to do :D With a little tuition from him, Joel was able to capture four little ones and release them outside, followed not far behind by mum swallow. I was so glad Joel had learnt how, as just a bit after the TV man left, Joel decided to investigate the loft of the room (boys will be boys!!) and out flew another baby (stunning itself on the window for a moment or two). He knew exactly how to catch and release it and this afforded all the other children the opportunity of a tiny little stroke of its head whilst Joel was holding it - and me a photo op!! :D We now have two families of swallows swooping around our yard (and pooping everywhere)!

IMG_0003 IMG_0001 IMG_0004

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Elaine said...

Wow, how exciting.