Monday, June 22, 2009

Today in brief…

J1 - Bible study, reading (for English), drawing, maths, science & ????

J2 - Bible study, made bird feeder, maths, English, science, spellings


A - Bible study, spellings, maths, did a bit of origami, science, English

P - Bible study, spelling, mental maths, watched me do some origami,

E - worked with the letter j and reviewed the ones we have done so far.

C - pottered about, danced to some music, played on Reader Rabbit & Alphabet express.

Natty - did more wees on the loo!! Enjoyed the dancing :D

We are getting there - just in time for summer holidays ;D !!

Another lovely thing we saw this morning was a family of swallows fledging the nest from the outbuilding next to us. We saw the mother literally teaching them to fly around our yard :D It was a beautiful thing to witness. There is another nest in there of about four babies who are yet to fly, but they are out of the nest, so maybe in the next day or so we will see it again. I don’t know if swallows return to the nest after flight or whether they are gone now.

This is the family yet to fly;


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