Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Big Pack-Up!!

The Destination.

Yes - it IS happening :) We go offline for a month as of Friday. Really looking forward to the space of the new house. Many boxes already moved over to the garage so that we can actually move here! As you can see from the girls room - it's a pretty mammoth job. Getting thoroughly exhausted, but the end is in sight. Tomorrow I pack the kitchen and it's fish & chips tomorrow. Then it's odd and ends and we're done :D Then it's just the legistics of getting it all over there!!

If I don't blog tomorrow - see you all in a month :D


Philippa said...

Enjoy a well earned rest! Oh and all that space!!!


Suki said...

Your new house looks lovely! Hope you are having a smooth move.

Elaine said...

Looks brilliant. Hope the move goes smoothly - look forward to hearing all about it when you're back online.

sevencallmemom said...

I deleted my old homeschool blog yesterday and googled the name "froG academy" just to make sure it was really gone (we blog elsewhere now)...imagine my amazement to find this nifty blog and discover how much our families have in common!

We homeschool (unschool really) our 7 delightful children and are, ourselves, on the eve of a big move.

May the name Frog Academy be as perfect for your school as it was for ours...we've since moved on to Why? Academy for ours. LOL

I hope that God is blessing your new home and can't wait to dig deeper into your blog. ~Trish

Anonymous said...

the destination is now your HOME and I am so looking forward to hearing all your news! Tracy