Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yet Another Change of Plan..!

Some people are just unbelievable - and for all you facebook-ers out there you know some of the story, but basically it goes like this...


Only this time she didn't even bother to let the Letting Office know that the Sales Office were processing a sale and it was only when our agent rang to confirm go ahead on the tenancy agreement for us (just to double check) that she found out! Poor woman, you can imagine how she felt having to break the news to us AGAIN - just one day before we were due to sign the papers!
So here we are (Friday), one week to moving day, surrounded by mountains (you think I'm kidding..!) of boxes - and no-where to go!! I called P home from a planned counselling session to discuss what we should do (kind of urgent really!!) and we agreed to take another look at a previously viewed property where we knew the LL was not averse to our troop of kids and was willing to make the propery 'fit the bill' for us. We all trooped off up there to chat with him some more and agreed that this was the best option for us all. Having been very angry at first when we told them about losing the 'big' house again, the children soon fell in love with this new place when they saw it and more-especially where it is. I JUST KNOW we are going to be very happy and settled there at least for the next year (or so...). We are surrounded by fields and countryside. The next closest neighbour (aside from our milkman LL) is an older couple who breed rare breeds. I know the lady definitely sells goats milk and likelihood is, eggs too. Of course our milk can come from our LL :D I'm hoping too that there might be opportunities for the boys (if not just J1) to earn a bit of pocket-money helping on the milk-floats - you never know :D And I know the little ones are going to love all the animals around the place - sheep, cows, goats, geese, chickens... all within close walking distance. The best of it is though that it is a short stride into the village, where there is a good little shop/PO and a school with a pre-school. That said, it may be a bit too far to walk every day with all the children - there and back remember (esp in the winter as it's all across fields and/or tracks). I think we will be somewhat reliant on our wellies wherever we go come winter month ;) All the same, IF I can actually go through with my plan to learn to drive this summer, that would solve that problem and N would be able to go to pre-school, as it would only be a 15 min round trip in the car (that's including loading times)! Other than that I'm going to have to get Jake strong enough to collect him on his bike (just kidding)!

In many, many ways this house is much more 'our thing' and I am actually really glad of it. It has been a roller-coaster ride getting here, but now the papers are signed, the house is being 'finished off' according to a list (quite a long one!) of things that will make it livable  & comfortable for us and we STILL move on Friday :D
Thank you all for your many prayers that we know you have been sending up for us. They have not gone unheard and we now know, with a great amount of peace in our hearts,  that this is God's best for us :D  - Oh and did I mention - the rent is SIGNIFICANTLY less than the original house would have been - so that's one less stress and a lot less of a stretch for us too.

We will be going off-line on Friday 15th (hope to blog again before then though) for about 20-25 days while our phone-line changes exchange and the B/band moves over - then I guess there will be a lot to talk about!. I might just blog-offline and post it all up when we go back on.


Anonymous said...

well my friend, all I can say is that God knows whats best for us! Glad it all came together.... in the end!!

Anonymous said...

oops sorry forgot I chat as anonymous- love T xxx

Ruth said...

What a relief. I feel shaky on your behalf. I have been in your boat with 7 kids and it isn't a great place to be. I am so pleased it has all worked for the best:)

Gillian said...

Glad it is finally sorted out. The place sounds great. Hopefully we can visit you there in the summer.

Elaine said...

What a lot has been going on. So glad it finally seems to be getting sorted. House sounds great. Good luck and can't wait to read all about it when you're back on-line.