Friday, May 01, 2009

Can We Just Skip Today...

...pretend like it never happened!? What is it with us and our dreams just lately?!

As any of you who Facebook know, we received a phone call this afternoon to say that the lady who owns the property we were moving into in just 2 weeks time has decided that she will accept an offer of SALE! She has said she wants 2 weeks to see how things progress... like right up to our moving day then!

So what do we do? We have given notice on this house and packed up 42 boxes already (most of downstairs living spaces). Our current Landlord has booked decorators for the first week of June...and didn't seem keen to cancel! Looking much like if we don't find somewhere fast we could find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation. NOT FUNNY! 

We are looking at at least one other house tomorrow - and I am hoping to try and organize a couple more. We need to find somewhere FAST... BUT... at the same time we STILL feel like the original house might be the one for us (not that it seems we can hang our coats on that atm) - and we are not sure if we should just sit tight and wait it out - is that wise? Probably not, but it might still be right!

We are praying about what to do and would love it if you would feel able to join us  - that we would find the RIGHT house (be it the original one or another) and it would be available to us very soon. 
- more specifically (because we do really love that house) that the sale would not progress and the property would become available to us again.

Thanks everyone! There's not much else to say about today. Some comfort could be sought in a packet of plain chocolate HobNobs and some Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry's - and 7 kids dozing off in front of a DVD (Garfield) to prevent me having to chivvy them all to bed (they just went coz they were so tired by the time it ended)!

What will tomorrow bring..? It can't get much worse - can it?

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Suki said...

I'm feeling sorry for you that the house didn't work out that way you wanted. I'm thinking of you.
I'm sure you will find another house.
I'll keep praying for you and your family!