Sunday, May 03, 2009

JA turned 12 today!! One more year to teens - how did that happen?!

When he was small I used to call him my 'little man' - now he is 5'2" and wearing size 6 shoes! I guess that makes him not-so-little anymore :(

I love him to bits - he is funny, stylish (to the point of ridiculous at times!), kind to his siblings, increasingly loving and thoughful - and I even got a hug from him the other day (which made me well-up a little..soppy old mums eh!), creative and sporty. He has boundless energy and zero attention, but he is who he is and I see his promising future slowly unfolding before me.

His birth marked the landmark election of a Labour government - 12 years ago today!

Today possible marks the last year of his 'real' boy-hood. By this time next year his voice may have broken and he will probably be taller than me!

I often wish that time would stand still and allow me to savour these fleeting days of childhood for just a little while longer, but the other part of me really enjoys this roller-coaster ride of motherhood, with all its massive highs and sometimes deep lows. I enjoy the thrill of watching my children's lives unfold before me; their talents developing, their gifts flourishing, their interests deeping, their personalities as mini-adults slowly beginning to emerge. I am looking forward to these teenage years - I really am. I don't want them to arrive too fast, but I don't dread them at all - there's nothing I love more than a lounge full of young lads messing together - it's really funny (and bewildering) to watch :D!

At some point I will have a 19, 17, 15, 14, 13yo in the house (just for three months), so it's probably just as well I'm not dreading it really ;)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jake! We remember the day you were born so well! Tracy