Thursday, May 07, 2009

"Stop the World...

...I'm getting off!"  - If only I could sometimes!

It's been a long and confusing week. We have continued to pack boxes - in faith for a move. We have looked at two more houses. One today was a lovely Farmhouse on 8 acres of land - gorgeous - idilic - cheaper than the one that got sold! But probably expensive on maintainance and a bit 'in the sticks'...
There is another one available to let that we wanted to see today, but current tenants are being awkward about viewings - 6 DBL beds, extra room downstairs too - £200 pcm cheaper, but not empty yet! Not far from original house (same village, but other side) but closer to current location and more easily accessible for village itself, park and local playgroup...
Meanwhile the sale on house 1 has FALLEN THROUGH (no suprises there then)!
"Great!" I hear you shouting, but it's really NOT that simple! You see we have lost our peace about that house now. We thought maybe, as there are other comparable houses (if not better) out there for less, we might be able to negotiate the rent a little - but no, she is not willing to reduce at all! We are just not sure we like the way the relationship with her (the Landlady) is looking atm and so are not sure we want to stretch ourselves - and it will be a stretch - to rent HER house over one of the others - the 6 bed particularly.
SO - we have some doors to knock hard on. We are due to sign papers for the house 1 at 11.30 on Saturday morning (well we did tell ourselves the end of the week for a decision- and that is very definately it) and we will if we are absolutely certain it is our only realistic option. 
Our other main struggle is the time factor. We had told our current LL's we were aiming to move OUT on the 15th (which we still might of course) and they have booked decorators for the first week of June and want access the week before to 'do stuff' that needs doing. BUT if we don't take the original house and decide that the 6 bed is a better (and definately viable) option then we will not be able to move in there as soon. That houses current tenancy ends the 25th May. We are away for 3 days 25-27th. We are then away on Conference as of the 30th! So we would have 2 days to move in and then would have to leave everything in boxes until we got back!! Also on the 29th P has to go and collect 3 kids from camp which will take a few hours of his evening. It will be a real SQUEEZE to do it then, but if we don't (or we can't for any reason) then we will not be able to move out of here till we get back from conference - and that might mean paying another months rent here and pleading to the kindness of our current LL's. 
It is really all an awefull headache, but we NEED to make the RIGHT decisions for our whole family and for our finances for the foreseeable future.

If you are so inclined - please, please pray for us - this might just expediate my turning grey at this rate (no signs of that yet though ;) )!!

And for your pleasure - here is N - conked out on the grubby lounge floor - expressing exactly how I feel atm!!

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