Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Have Houdinies

What is it about the pets I own - they all seem to be great escape artists! This morning I awoke to the sound of "where are the rabbits?" - of course I panicked, especially when I then heard Joel saying the neighbourhood cat was about! Anyway, a few minutes later both rabbits were found and safely coaxed back into their run - and the cat was around but not being aggressive towards them thankfully! It seems to be a common theme with me. I once had a hamster who could escape from any form of confinement - cage & exercise wheel. And as a kid I had a cat who was rather keen on straying away from home (despite being spade). Thing is - I know Paul was the last one to close up the hutch after he put the rabbits to bed last night, so it was unlikely to have been open in anyway. Not sure if the cat was inquisitive enough to let them out, or whether they managed it themselves - either way we need to better secure the hutch (ho humm). Fortunately we no longer live on a madly busy road and although Beth had go out to the front, she was in no real danger - other than from the cat! Why is keeping pets never simple J.

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Unshelled said...

Our Hammy got out a while ago and lived in the kitchen for 12 days. We tried practically everything to catch the darn thing. In the end the cat herded it into a cupboard where we managed to catch it.Now hammy is back in a new cage.