Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ahh...and then there was normality!

We have had a friend staying for the last ten days with her three children, and although it's been really lovely and the kids (hers' are 5, 3 & 18 months) have got on fabulously, isn't it just always a calm feeling when the visitors are gone and home feels like it belongs to you again! V. if you read this don't get me wrong, you are more than welcome any time, but I think you get my meaning!! :-)

One big achievement that has been made this holiday (so far) is that Boo has learnt to ride her bike. Albeit she needs to practice getting started and stopping, but essentially she can ride along, so that's a big YEAH for her!!

The weather has been glorious today, and we have all really enjoyed the sunshine, but the tadpoles do not look so lively on it. I added some clean water and moved them into a bigger tank today, but I think a few are already dead :-( That said we still have plenty of live ones and I might just have to go fishing out the dead ones tomorrow (nice!!).

Tomorrow - hoping the weather is going to remain pleasant. Should be going to fetch Jake a new bed - it'll be such a blessing to get him into his own room. He just went to bed in a rage over his PS game - hit Joel and woke Caleb. Not sure how we'll deal with all that when there's a new baby in his room, but at least he won't be lashing out/waking up his other siblings. I'm hoping that maybe it'll be less of an issue once he has more of his own space...

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