Monday, April 02, 2007

Picture Post:
Thought it would be able to blog the last few days/weeks in pictures (mostly from my new phone :-) )
We are taking a look at tadpoles - just because we can at this time of year and these seem to be a resiliant bunch! They have been frozen and revived and then yesterday had their tank filled with stones - pulled out, put through a sieve and reintroduced to the water - and they all seem fine!! Need a bigger tank though before they turn carnivorous and start eating each other!
The children are really enjoying them and looking forward to seeing them develop. They are each keeping a little log book :-)
Ellie working on her Reader Rabbit game (nursey level) and doing considerably well actually. She seems to suddenly be changing into more a little girl and less of a toddler!
Caleb being his usual impish self!

Phoebe concentrating hard on a rather easy towe, but trying to build it really high, so working on balance and position and that sort of thing...!

Caleb is concentrating on physical developmental skills - and being gorgeous!!

Abbie busy grafting away at her English :-) She is so uncomplaining - it's so refreshing!


Tracy said...

LOVE the photos! C is such a character!

Tracy said...

......and I have finally learnt how to post comments :)