Monday, April 23, 2007

A tired horse…    

…leading a weary donkey! That's how school felt today, but we got there in the end! We all seemed to have a bit of a busy weekend and it knocked the stuffing out of us all I think. That, accompanied by the daily battles with Jake when he gets in from school to do anything but play on the PS2 … and being almost 37weeks pregnant now. Perhaps I should have just cut my losses today, but somehow I can never seem to just do that, especially when it's only been one week since the Easter hol's.

Suddenly Ellie too has decided she wants to join in with 'school' in the afternoons, so I have got out a couple of S&S books for her and working with some nice basic concepts with her. I pleased with what she's achieving actually and I only let her do a little - stopping before she starts to scribble! I want her to know the difference between books she can do as she likes with and 'school' books - where she has to do as she is asked.

Hoping tomorrow will be better for us all J


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