Sunday, April 29, 2007

Been a Busy Weekend…

…but I'm finally feeling 'ready' for this baby to arrive J. I went to Ikea yesterday and spend too much money (as one always does in that place), but came home in my Mum's Astra with a new mattress for Joel's bed (the primary purpose of the trip), a whole new set of baby bedding (see piccies) - now need to rake out the old stuff and freecycle it all, but I just wanted the bed to be fresh for this one - dunno why, but Caleb has taken the cot-bed duvet onto his bed (rather attached to the cover) and it's big enough, so I don't need to buy him a new one for a while this way. The Ikea cot-quilt is so cheap J - always a good thing and the cover is blue, but really pretty & unisex and as the baby is sharing the room with Jake it can't be pink even if it is a girl L !

What else did I buy - cushions for the kids mammut stools to stop us all getting sweaty botties ( ! ), hanging pots and tubs to hold all the 'changing stuff, lotions and potions,' a rail to attach to Jake's wall for his half-dirty clothes to go on (he's so untidy - I can but try…), a bin for Mum and some bath mats for her work - oh and a light to attach to the top of Jake's bed as a reading light for him. So a fair bit really!! I love that place J. My next big expedition (when money allows) will be to buy the Trofast I want to get to re-design the storage in the girls room, which is currently beginning to fall apart and is not very good use of the space anyway. But the bank account needs to catch us up a bit first!!

It's been a beautiful weekend here - hope it has been for you too. I just feel lifted by this weather (and it's cheaper to get the washing dry!), but I do feel very tired now and hope this baby will choose to arrive sooner rather than later. I am significantly bigger than I have felt with the other 7lb-ers, so I think this one will be more on the Ellie scale (almost 10lb) if it doesn't arrive on time. On the whole I feel well, and not hugely uncomfortable - only hindered & encumbered really, especially when it comes to doing normal things - like picking things up and putting on socks - another reason to be grateful for nice weather!

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