Friday, September 03, 2004

All Planned Out...!

The last few days I have been so busy! I am up to my eyes in bits of paper and books - trying to get my 'plans' into something I can actually put into action on a day-to-day basis. Taking the bare skeleton and trying to put some flesh on it's bones so that the children actually have something to work with. I think I'm just going to have to muddle my way through a bit this half term to get a feel for all the new material we are using. I'd like to be able to offer the children some choices each day about what work they do - within my general plan. I have several different resources for English, for example, and I'd like to not get too stuck in one book or another, but be flexible to the mood of each day. All this 'flexibility' scares me silly - I am one who really needs black & white schedules, but I don't want my children to become as rigid as I am! I'd like them to learn to think 'outside the box' - which means I have to get out of it myself! For Jacob this could be quite a challenge, as he is also one who likes to know exactly what is expected of him each day - page numbers and all. But I think it will good for him, and stretch him more, to have to decide what material he'd like to use that day, set himself a target (with some guidance) and then to stick with his own decision. I hope this will also mean that he learns to think a little more creatively about what each day CAN contain.
But in the meantime I am busy scanning and printing stuff, gathering all the 'crafty' bits and collecting the right books together, ready to get us started on Monday. I am amazed at how things are fitting together so nicely - well for the first week at least!! I'm sure things will get out of synch' in time, but for now it's all looking very much like unit study - only unintentionally!! I think they call it 'cross curriculum' study in schools these days! :)

For Joel (yr1):
English Language - focusing on 'ME' - verbal descriptions and pictures of, portrayal of mood in pictures etc...
Art - looking at self-portrait (personal to 'ME' and those of professional artists).
RE - looking at ME and my relationships.
Science - looking at 'Parts of ME'.
Music - rhythm and feeling the beat (internalising the feel of the music - what does it make ME feel?)
History - Creation (including of ME)
Geography - don't know - still waiting on the parcel! :(
Cookery - plans to make bread Dough faces maybe.
Health Ed' - well that all about ME anyway!

For Jacob (yr3):
English Language - Brainstorming (MY ideas)
English Comprehension - Not really looked at that yet.
RE - looking at Judaism and what God means to the Jewish people.
History - same as Joel
Geography - same as Joel
Science - Living & Non Living things, diversity,characteristics (fits nicely with studying creation, and with Judaism to a point)
Art - same as Joel
Music - same as Joel
Health Ed' - same as Joel

I'd just like to blog my lovely Wednesday too:

Paul left the house at 9am for college - his first day back. He had already fed two of the children and it was beautiful sunny morning. I decided we needed to use it well, as we've seen too few this summer. So I quickly fed the other three & myself and motivated them to get dressed quickly by stating that we were going to feed the ducks. We were out of the house by 9.40am (unheard of) and spent the next two hours walking, feeding ducks, playing on 'the beach' (the river shore) throwing stones and having leaf-boat races, and watching the water mist rising above the weir and then crossing the weir so we could 'feel' it too. Then we played in the park on the swings for a bit. Jacob then met a friend and went back off to the river with them. I didn't see him again until 7pm! Joel decided he'd like to knock his friend's door too and so spent most of the afternoon (him & Abbie) playing there. That left just Phoebe, me and Ellie at home. Ellie had her usual nap and Phoebe wanted to watch Blues Clues - it's not often she gets the choice of the video - which she promptly fell asleep in front of. It was so peaceful here and I didn't feel guilty because I had given them all such good quality time in the morning. :) I spent the time on the computer - planning (Ho Humm) - but I so wish I'd just sat and read my book!


karen said...

Caroline you sound soooo organised. I hope I am as organised with work for Little chick as you are - mind you I have got two years to practice in. Glad you had a nice day on Wednesday too - days like that just flow don't they?

Jules said...

I am soooo trying to be as organised as you! I'm getting there...

merry said...

Caroline, did you get my hama suggestion the other day? Its fine if you did and aren't worried but i'm wondering if the email got through okay?

You seem to have had some kind of terrifying effect on me - i'm mutating into you, you might even mutate into me!!!

I've just spent the morning planning out a 12 week, single day science exploration that covers every KS1 topic, and then some, so that max has something to do with them on Saturdays while i am very pregnant or just got a new baby!!!!


dottyspots said...

Wow, you're incredibly organised. I've made a kind-of New Years Resolution to be more organised, as Richard would probably benefit a lot from some organisation. I've been reading a bit about Steiner/Waldorf and becoming increasingly interested in this method of teaching.

My mother's neighbour was educated in this fashion and my Mum is pretty keen too (it always helps to be supported by family).

I feel that the boys have missed quite a few opportunities whilst they were at school, but the past year and half have been such a learning curve for me (let alone then) that I have had to learn very fast and not had the time to read as much as I would like of educational philosophies.

Sounds a great curriculum - I'm sure you'll all have great fun learning :0)