Thursday, September 16, 2004

Getting Arty!

Today has been another very pleasant day. It started out with my friend Cath' coming to do Art with the boys. They were so thrilled - and she did so much with them! First they looked at some paintings (in a book) and discussed together the difference between 'realistic' and 'stylised' paintings. They were looking mainly at portraits, but did look at some other things too. There was one painting that Joel said looked like "eyes in space" - cool! It was a painting by Kadinski (if that's how you spell it - I am no coniseur on art at all!) Then She got them to experiment with different mediums and played around with 'smudging' & seeing how each type of implement felt to work with. Joel liked the soft pastels best and Jacob the chalks - although Jacob did something very nice with the oil pastels. They have 'homework' too - collect cut out pictures of faces - all different sorts of faces and draw any picture they like in their art note-book using one of today's mediums. I'm looking forward to seeing what they produce. They really did have fun.

Jacob's smudging!

close up of Jacob's oil pastel shapes & soft pastel names

Joel's smudging

close up of Joel's soft pastel shapes

After Cath' had gone we did spelling tests and both boys got full marks :) !

Then Joel did a little Maths while Jacob did his Handwriting. Joel went off to play at Dom's for a couple of hours and Jacob started playing with Music composition on the PC (got the 'Compose World Junior' demo which I downloaded and it's great fun), so that was his IT . Thursday is a Maths free day for Jacob provided he has finished his work in the week, so that pleased him too. :)

Then Trailblazers club and tea and bed - all very pleasent. Paul even managed to get to footy. I managed to hoover the entire house and get a couple of hours sleep this arvo when Paul came home to do some internet research for his dicitation at the end of the year. Unfortunately Ellie woke up, so Paul didn't do the surfing, but he sat and read instead while she played around his feet. He woke me when tea was ready (fantastic man!!). I also managed to do three loads of washing, which included changing our bed & remaking it. I am impressed with myself!! ;)

Dom' didn't come in the end today because he had a major nose bleed this morning and had to have the day of school. He looked pretty wiped when I saw him so today wouldn't have been the ideal day to start doing 'extra' lessons with him. So Joel went to play at his instead. Michelle said she hoped it would cheer Dom up a little. Joel is pretty good at that! :)

Ellie seems to be getting the hang of crawling without bawling! To begin she seemed to think the two had to go together which was little wearing for a few days, but now she is getting quicker, and it's easier for her, the crying seems to be dropping off - phew!! :)

Forgot to mention - Phoebe started at playgroup last week. Just Thursday mornings. She came out really chatty and happy today and obviously had a lovely time. "nice morning - abbie - play sand...." she's getting there with her talking at last!

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karen said...

What great artwork Caroline. Glad everyone had a good time with their art teacher. I had a go at doing something with Markol sticks at my patchwork class tonight - they are like oil sticks to go on material - turned out not too bad.