Wednesday, September 08, 2004


We had another good day - well until we got to maths that is. What is it with Jacob and maths? He is very able and the work I have set him the last two days he was doing with ease before the hols, but he seems to have really lost momentum...hmmm...just hoping he will pick up again. But he completely loses attention when faced with his maths. Oh well, we'll see.

Otherwise a great day. We got so carried away with history this morning (story of Creation), mazes, code-pages and inventing names for animals the boys didn't know the real names of (because Adam had the job of naming all the animals), which was a whole heap of fun and giggles! Time ran away with us and that knocked everything out by half an hour. Fortunately I have a 1.5 hr lunch break sketched in so we made that just an hour instead - no problem! Then we did Health Ed' - what makes us healthy? (rest - I should take note here!!, good food - NOT junk!, and exercise - Oh well !! I fail on the healthy front then all round!) That was fun too. No time for R.E though, but I've got a gap later in the week - maybe... :)

English was a little stressful because it was the end of the day, but with a little help and encouragement both boys did fine. Joel was thrilled at himself for being able to work out the spelling of the word 'toothbrush' - "that's a really long word Mummy!!" :)

Joel started reading Mr Gumdrops Motorcar and did very well. Jacob started a new book too, but only read one page before some friends came round to play. We even managed to squeeze a few minutes piano practice in for Joel, but he really wasn't in the mood.

At bedtime we read a nice story about a little boy overcoming his fear of the dark - not that any of mine are, but it was a nice story. And we read "Jaberwokey" (probably one of my favourite poems because it holds fond memories of someone I know who recites it SOOOO well) and the "The Jubberlies" which the children thought fun. I thought poems at bedtime might be nice for a bit - especially as I was solo tonight, so it was an easy thing to read to all four at once (baby was already asleep).

Sadly I finished off the day by spoiling it. :( I am over tired and ovulating too, which strangely makes me have PMT symptoms which I no longer get with the M, just my O!? So I yelled at the children very unreasonably considering how fab they've all been today, blamed the boys for stuff the girls had done and generally got myself in a fix - because Abbie couldn't tell me where she'd put her medal and Joel had pulled the string off Jacob's! How mad is that? I yelled at them for not thanking me for putting in effort for them and making them nice things - like a 7 & 5 yr old are going to spontaneously do that, or even realise how much effort it all takes. When I'd cooled, which I did very rapidly - in almost seconds, like my anger had burned itself out, I found myself very humbly apologising to all the children, especially the boys, for my unreasonable behaviour and telling them it was not their fault at all. I think they had not quite known what to say or think and were VERY relieved to hear me say it was me who as naughty , not them!!

On a different note; who was it doing the 'Dinner Winner' medals some time ago? Well I've done the mud-pud thing and pinched the idea, but we also have 'Tidy-up Champion', 'Happy Helper' & 'Super Student' - that way everyone has the opportunity to win a medal, but someone could also win more than one and someone none - iyswim. It's worked for the last two days - a great motivator that is more about attitude and behaviour than about results. So they only win 'Tidy-up Champion' if they have done the job willingly & well. 'Super student' is about good attitude and working hard when it's required (not fiddling and dancing around etc...) and 'Happy Helper' is self explanatory. I'll keep you all posted, but the desire to win and the daily reward seem a fine combination so far. Even the littler ones can understand what it's about - well maybe not Ellie! ;)


Jax said...

Dinner winner was Sarah's blog I think.

Is that book Mr Gumpy's Motorcar or a different one entirely?

Sounds like a hectic day, although positive - I'm not surprised you end up tired at the end of the day though!

karen said...

Well done Caroline for owning up to something when you were wrong - I'm sure the children will appreciate it and learn how to behave correctly from you. Keep up the good work

ladyrat said...

Gosh what a busy day. Do you mind if I ask how long you have been home educating? Your day reminds me of the time I HE my son for a short while. It was approximately five months and like you we had a filled timetable with lunch hour sketched in by the end of the HE period I was a nervous wreck, and I/we just burned ourselves out. At the time the momentum / adrenalin carried us through but looking back on it, it was a mad time. I used to be up till 12 midnight tidying up, preparing for the next day etc, and just became exhausted.

I love your awards for tidying up! Cool idea :o)


Caroline said...

Yes Jax - that is Mr GUMPY'S Motorcar - sorry for the error! Joel finished it today and really liked it, so we ahve agreed we will read it again next week - to sure up the words he was less certain of. He had no prolems with 'shoved, heaved, squelched and slipped' though - I was SO proud!!

Caroline said...

I have been home-edding for two years - we are into our third now.

Caroline said...
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