Friday, September 24, 2004

Very Quick Update

Sunday - Church as usual. Nice day! :)

Monday - Did some maths with the boys then felt VERY sick. Crawled up the road to collect Abbie from playgroup then went straight to bed when I got home. Jacob & Joel were ACE!! They teamed up and made lunch for all the children (and couldn't understand why Ellie wouldn't eat hers, but as she had been ill on Saturday - VERY sick, I wasn't surprised), put Ellie to bed with her cloth, dummy and music and then settled the other two girls down for a rest too. Played on the PS1 for a while themselves then went and had a nap too until their Dad got home - who I had been unable to contact because he had his phone off!! I promptly was ill myself and floated in and out of sleep all afternoon and night.

Tuesday - arose far too early for someone not too well to got the hospital (for 8am)to have a sebaceous cyst removed from the top of my head. I didn't go down to theatre until 4pm!! WHY was I there at 8am?? Don't answer that one...! Anyway, the job is done and now I have a sore head!

Wednesday - still not feeling too hot, but muddled through school. Boys were very good indeed

Thursday - ditto! I'm amazed how much we did this week considering the amount of time we didn't do school! I've decided we're going to have a 'cool it' week next week because the boys are zipping away with everything and just 'getting' stuff I was expecting to be a struggle. I'm so pleased with the choices I have made for this year. Everything seems to be 'bang on' the mark for them both.

Friday - nothing much. Jacob went out with Paul this morning and collected about a million conkers. Joel had to stay in because he deliberately cut a whole in his T-shirt yesterday with his scissors - right under my nose! I was a little mad to say the least!!


Jules said...

Sorry to hear about you not being well. That aside though it sounds like you have had a really good week, very fruitful. Keep up the good work!

merry said...

Hope you arer okay now. Max and i have had grim tummys for nearly two weeks, we just couldn't really get over it.

My mum had a cyst like that - she refused to have it removed until after her phd was finished in case it was holding vital information!!!!!

Jax said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well, but very glad to hear that the boys were such stars over it!

karen said...

Caroline - sorry you have been unwell on top of having to go to hospital too!! Well done for hitting the mark with your kids on their school work and well done to them for working so hard and looking after their brothers and sisters.

Caroline said...

LOL about your Mum's cyst Merry!
And thaks everyone - I'm fine now!!