Monday, September 06, 2004

First Day Success!!

Yes, today was our first day of 'term and we really had a nice day. Save for Jacob being a bit slow to get going with his maths this morning, all else went according to plan - WOW! I think the boys enjoyed everything and as Joel said "things might get a bit tricky this year" - because the work's a bit harder and there's more of it than last year, but nothing too tough today. We managed to do some 'together' stuff, talking about 'diversity' of life - looking at an atlas to see different races of people. Everybody and everything differs in some way, but every person is the same on the inside. And the day was rounded off with the boys and Abbie making shortcrust pastry, which the boys made a very good job of, that we then made into jam tarts and quiches! The children did all the measuring and cutting, mixing and rubbing, rolling and cutting, whisking (quiche egg-mix) and filling completely by themselves. Very successful :)
I have history planned for tomorrow, as well as RE and health ED. In history we are looking at Creation (and therefore diversity again) and in RE Joel, especially, will be looking at himself & others - how we are similar and different. I can't believe how this is all fitting together SO well. :)
One of the nicest things about today has been that the children have fought very little because they have been so occupied and, although I haven't had a moment to myself really, I have really enjoyed myself (mostly) too.
And possibly the very best moment today was when Jacob asked me to keep reading Winn-Dixie at bedtime (our current read-aloud) because he wanted to know what happened next. He seems to have eventually caught the thrill of hearing a story read to him and the excitement/suspense of not knowing what comes next. :) If I had let him he would have gone to bed and finished the book (only another two chapters), but I told him he would have to wait...What a nasty Mummy I am! But I hope this will make him keener to have me read to him more and more. Even Joel is into the story (as a by-product of having to hear it each night) and wants to know the end, and it's not even his story (he likes to have a different story to his brother, his own story, and not live in his brother's shadow!!).
So a very lovely day all round. I'm very busy for the next couple of days, so if you don't hear from me - you've been for-warned!


Jules said...

Sounds like a brilliant first day. Well done for all your organising and planning, success!
I hope the momentum keeps going :-D

karen said...

What a lovely day Caroline. Well done you for making it work too! Not to put too much pressure on you but I will be watching your blog and orgo-planning very closely over the next two years (mostly to nick all your ideas LOL)!!

Nic said...

you are really inspirational for the whole school at home concept Caroline - and I love reading how successful it is for you - particularly your 'end of term report' earlier this year.