Monday, August 30, 2004


today was supposed to be a clearing up day, but turned into an impromtu re-arranging day - with a bit of clearing up thrown in!! Paul decided he'd like a fresh look in the lounge, but as this doubles as our dining room it has little scope for change. With a great deal of furniture shuffling and hard thinking, we have eventually come up with something quite pleasing. I shan't be doing it again before we move though !

Joel had a fabulous day out with his friend and the others seemed to thoroughly enjoy getting under our feet and fiddling with all the little bits and bobs we found under furniture! Jacob typed a letter to his 'girlfriend' in Carlisle of his own accord and then spent rather too long for my liking playing on Magic School Bus - Bugs, but we were too busy to amuse him so I let it go for this once.

That has really been about the sum of our day and the house still looks quite messy, but that's the nature of having 5 children to a large extent - and what comes of not sticking to a plan!!

By the way - the bears were drawn (well copied) by me and then painted in by the boys. but I was really pleased with their efforts too.
I need to spend a couple of days making sure I am in order for next Monday - hey ho - holidays are over already!! I'm expecting a parcel from Ireland tommorrow with all my maths and science for next year, but I have just had an email to say that my Geography has not been shipped yet (they were waiting for confirmation of shipping method from my friend whose visa card I borrowed to make payment). She hadn't told me she had an email (Aug 4th), so I thought things were on their way when they aren't!! We will have to wait for at least another month now for that to find it's way to us from the U.S. I might slot some 'gardening' into the Geography spot for this term - while the weather is still OK for that sort of thing. Need to look at it again really.

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dottyspots said...

Wow, busy, busy, busy. Must be something in the air....

I hate the fact that some places only accept credit cards (I refuse to have one) - it's really frustrating!