Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Friends to play

The children had some friends to play/ The oldest is also being home-schooled (with Sonlight next year). So while Sue and I chatted about school resources and other stuff the children did LOTS of playing.I must say though the boys have cleared away pretty nicely tonight :)

We Made a second attempt at the Yard Art today with everyone around at it was a real hit! But incredibly, it started spitting immeditaly the first few pictures were dawn. Thankfully it came to nothing at this is the results;

Yard Art - let's try again!

colourful flowers...

...and trees (mostly Boo & Beef's doing)

... and lots of squibbles by Phoebe

Jacob's alien

Jacob's Sand-Piper

Friends at play!


merry said...

Caroline, you have a BIG yard!!!!! lol!!!

What Sonlight are they going to be doing then? Is it something you might do any time? I have to say, i got a Calvert prospectus the other day, i was intrigued and it looked so utterly dull in comparison to Sonlight that i nearly went an ordered an SL core on the spot! lol! Takes all sorts though :)

Jules said...

Those a great pictures! I love the Sandpiper and the Alien, well done Jacob :-)

Jax said...

Of all the various curriculum stuff I've looked at, Sonlight is the only one that appeals to me - something to do with the huge number of lovely books I think ;-)