Sunday, August 29, 2004

Peace Descends!

Today is the first day my children have had no-one but each other to play with in almost a fortnight. They woke this morning begging for children to come to play after church, but as the morning gradually descended into squabbles and tears from all four of the older ones I rapidly realised that this was NOT a good idea and that after lunch we should ALL have a rest - a sleep rest. By the time lunch was done I think this idea had thoroughly got through and all were grateful. The boys slept from 3pm - 6pm (and were so much nicer for it), were back in bed by 9pm and went straight to sleep. I will be shipping them out a bit tomorrow if I can so that I can get a bit straight around the house. Joel is going to go out with his friend Dominic to help his Mum & Dad choose a new car - doesn't get much better than that for a 5 year old boy - an afternoon set aside JUST to look at cars!! :)

It's been lovely having friends here, and surprisingly unstressful, but it's so peaceful now in comparison!! They left at 7am so as to miss the M6 rush which left us time to get ourselves together for church. Paul was preaching this morning and he was pretty good - if I may say so. A few 'pointers' from me (his strongest critic - (that's my job) and strongest supporter!!)on things he already realised he was weak on, but he really is improving with practice.

I've put the girls to bed tonight in no nappies (at their request) - hmmm! We'll see...! We have the occasional dry night from them, but nothing consistent from either of them. Maybe if it's coming from them...

For those who chatted about the maze, it was really good and we didn't get too lost, but I had forgotten how muddy it can be. Being a sunny day some of us wore sandals - mistake - we were ankle deep in 'thick, ooozy mud'! Really would have been a good occasion for wellies, but none of us had thought about the fact that we have had SO much rain it couldn't possibly be dry in maize field!! Ho- Hum, lots of shoe washing!! But we had fun and an ice-cream, so it was worth it. :)

Bath funnies from last night; Everyone decided to pile into the bathroom and watch Ellie have her bath. They covered her bald head with bubbles and pretended she had white afro hair. Fits of giggles ensues whilst Ellie just sat there looking a little stunned. Eventually she giggled too and everyone else giggled more. Grace made a 'quiff' of bubbles and called her "Elvis Presley's baby sister" - lots more giggles. But then to raise the roof, as I lifted her out Grace spotted that I had left her socks on!! I'm laughing even now as I type to remember it. It really was the most hilarious bath-time. Children's laughter is just SOOO contagiously fabulous!! :)

We went to the park again yesterday afternoon. More rounders and climbing tree. And Grace and Joel made this with half a tennis ball they found;

"Indian Mud Pie"

Indian Mud Pie (2)


Cool EH?! :)

P.S. - Don't forget to check out Thursday piccies - now posted!!

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dottyspots said...

Sounds like you've had a great time - but nice to have some peace afterwards :0)