Monday, August 18, 2014

The Rest of the Summer...

And so on to the rest of the summer holidays...

It's been quite an outdoorsy kind of summer up until the weather changed about a week ago. 

There have been visits to and from cousins & friends, a very belated bowling party for Caleb, and various mini-crazes that the children have enjoyed together  ~ generally there's been lots of fun and laughter.

The first craze, that lasted almost a week was BUBBLES;

There's been SKIPPING;

Playing cars (as always)

And a good deal of 'let's pretend' games, lego and collaborative Wii playing: particularly on Animal Crossing (Goes to the City), where they have been working together to catch all the seasonal fish and bugs for the Museum!

Caleb had a GYM COMPETITION, which he did very well in and after a short break he is back at it with lots of hours at the gym right through the holidays.

One other afternoon that was particularly lovely was when we went for a walk around Dearnford Lake with my Mum and Nan (slideshow below).

Altogether, it's been a fabulously relaxed, routine free, Summer break with lots of late nights (watching lots of episodes of Downton Abbey), weddings (two) and long sunshiney days. Hopefully it's not over yet either... we have one more week away at the beach, visiting Paul's parents. We are hoping the forecasts are right and we will get one final blast of sunshine, before we return home, autumn sets in and we all try settle back into some kind of 'normal'.

I've done all my marking (for once) and all my planning (oh Yeah!!) and I'm ready to go, but I'm not quite ready for Summer to end yet!

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Pieni Lintu said...

Looks so fun! :)