Monday, August 18, 2014


The next couple of days were spent hunting for Crabs (mostly).

Day 5 was spent in Sheringham. The weather forecast for the day was rain at first, brightening up in the afternoon, so we planned an indoor activity first and went to Sheringham Museum (The Mo).  We anticipated only being there about an hour, but the children really enjoyed it and were determined to finish their quiz sheets (unusual for my lot). I think they consequently learnt quite a lot about fishing & Sheringham!

The forecast was quite wrong though; rain never came and it was a scorcher of a day, so I was actually quite relieved we didn't spend the entirety outside.

Following the museum we grabbed some burgers on the seafront (which were delicious) and then walked a LONG way along the promenade to where we were told we would find rock pools, once the tide went out a bit. 

The tide was right up when we got to Sheringham in the morning, going out by the time we sat on the beach, but it was still a very long wait for the tide to go far enough out to reveal the rock pools that we could see under our feet! 

By 4pm the pools were beginning to be visible. Low tide was at 5pm. When the tide was eventually low enough we did actually find some excellent crabs, but it turned quite quickly and we didn't really have long hunting before the pools were covered again! 

Not the best place in the world to crab I'd say, but Chip had a wail of a time jumping around on the rocks and at least it was cool enough on the beach to make the heat bearable! :D

Slideshow below;

Day 7 we tried again! This time crabbing off Cromer pier with long lines and fish bait. I didn't take any pictures of us working as I was too busy hauling in lines for the younger ones and keeping a close eye on Chip! We caught a few, but not as many as we had hoped to. Eventually Chip got rather bored, so I took him down onto the beach to throw stones in the sea for a bit, until the others were done, and then we got an ice-cream before heading back to camp for a chilled out evening :D

The big boys and I went over to the 'club house' where the footy was on ~ quite an entertaining match ~ and there was a Karaoke birthday party thing happening. It was rather loud, but quite funny to watch!

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