Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Planning Post 2014 ~ with lots of links!

I am supposedly a structured home-edder at heart, but over the years I have become less and less concerned with orgo-planning. This year, however, I have had a lot to get my head around and have done more planning than in recent years.

The last few years we have used my own adaptation of the Workbox System and it has worked really well for us, but this year the children are all that bit older and in all honesty they hadn't been really 'rearranging' or moving the tickets on their charts for some time, not even to check off what they'd done. This was making it rather hard for me to see at a glance just what was being missed! It's also got harder to be SO flexible as the children grow older and they all need computers more and more for their independent work.

This year I will be educating 3 Secondary aged children;

Taz (Joel) ~ 16 ~ Yr 11.
Minnie (Abigail) ~  13.5 ~ Yr 9
TP ~ 12.5 ~ Yr 8

3 'Junior' aged children;

Lilo ~ almost 11 ~ Yr 6
DD ~ 9 ~ Yr 5
Stitch ~ 7 ~ Yr 3

And Chip ~ almost 4 ~ Pre-school.

In all honesty I do not really worry too much about formally educating my pre-schooler, but I do make sure there are plenty of educational resources around for him and additionally this year, have also decided to invest in a set of Spielgaben. My lovely Nan has offered to pay half the cost of it, and I just know he is going to LOVE it. I'm not sure how much structured time we'll realistically have with it this year, although I might try to do some, however, I know with this we have something to work with into the future :D

For the rest of us we have laminated (so they can be written on) 'timetables' that look like this;


Literature Studies (and others from Currclick)
Conquer Maths
iTooch Music
Geography & this one too (finishing off)
Science (Biology)
Alison.com Music Theory
Another Alison.com course which he is yet to choose!! Maybe some kind of IT course.
Alison English Language/Lit course
Igniting Your Writing II
History (WW1 research)
Art Journalling 


As with Joel and 
Bible Study
DuoLingo German
KS3 Science
Literature Studies (from Currclick) ~ Currently has Jane Ayre and Anne of green Gables on the go.
Galore Park finishing & then progressing 
Language/writing Skills
Alison.com Diploma courses in Health Studies and Childcare.


Just write (3)
Editor in Chief
Grammar (not sure yet), maybe


All About Spelling (hopefully level 5)
English Skills 
Explode the Code (online)
Miquon Maths (Purple)
GP Junior English (Bk 1)
'Speech to Text' story writing on the PC 
Education City Science (+ worksheets)


Heinemann Maths
Reading Eggspress
Science & THIS
Five in a Row


Typing Dance Mat
Reading Eggspress
Conquer Maths (Yr3) and then 


My schedule is pretty full-on too! I would like to hope amidst all that Chip would get more than 1/2hr of my week, but this is life with 7 home-ed kids I guess!

Now, this may all look incredibly 'scheduled' but in reality most of the white blocks are quite moveable and interchangeable, so there is more flexibility in this than there may at first appear! 
The yellowy blocks are computer time and although there is some flexibility in these, in reality, for things to work smoothly with the four computers we have, these are best left as they are. I have even made 'timetables' for the computers, so as to hopefully avoid too much unnecessary waiting around for a certain one, or one at all!
The green blocks are things we do as a whole family group, blue blocks are work with either some or most of us together & the red blocks on Stitch's schedule are things he alone does with me.

The little white circles are for them to tick off each thing when it's done, and much to the teenagers' disgust, I have said I am going to look at the charts at the end of each week to see that the work is being done! It's on them to be honest though.

I anticipate some of the subjects/resources changing as the year moves on, and these will need to be updated each term I think, but it's a good starting point I think :D

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