Monday, August 18, 2014

Cromer Holiday ~ Day 10 ~ Bure Valley Railway

The last day of our holiday the weather was a bit more unsettled so the beach was out of the question really. We had talked about doing a steam train ride and settled on the narrow gauge Bure Valley line.

We all enjoyed the ride (there and back), 

but especially Chip, who thoroughly loved the tunnels!

(slideshow below)

We arrived in Wroxham around lunchtime, expecting to maybe have a pub-type lunch, but the chids were thrilled to find a McDonalds ~ the first we'd seen all holiday! So MaccyD's it was ;)

We had to decide what to do next. It was a bit chilly and a walk along the broads did not really appeal too much to any of us. The children spotted a toy shop and it did look inviting, so in we went and some of them spent their holiday/birthday pennies ~ mostly on Playmobil, but the shop really did have a massive selection of toys. It was quite lovely :D

We still had just over an hour to kill until the return train and had spotted Wroxham Minature Worlds on our walk into town. We thought we'd take a look, as Paul and the big boys love model railways. Initially we thought it was going to be a bit too expensive on top of the cost of the train ride, but actually it wasn't, because we all got in on one 'family ticket' which was for 2 adults + all their children! It's always a bargain for us when places do that, but they are few and far between. Anyway, we would highly recommend it as a place to kill an hour or so ~ the displays were incredible and it's soon to play host to the largest 00 gauge model railway layout in the world...(probably open by now). 

One display even sent me on a little trip down memory lane and had the girls ooing over the dolls of my past ~ much preferable to Barbie they agreed - more lifelike :D

A very lovely chilled out day to end our fantastic holiday. Cromer was definitely a success and has the children asking to come back... we'll see ;) 

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