Monday, August 18, 2014

Cromer Holiday ~ Day 6 ~ Meeting Friends.

The same week we went on holiday some good friends of ours moved down to Lowestoft, so we thought it would be fun to meet up for the day ~ on the beach ~ but sods law this was the day it BUCKETED down with rain. SO emergency plans were hatched by text and we drove to Gt Yarmouth to meet them at the Sealife Centre ~ indoors and reasonably fun for all ages! BUT it was heaving - guess everyone had the same idea - so I didn't take too many pictures.

When we had been around once (it isn't very big) we headed to KFC (the first place we found with ravenous hoards of kids!) and filled our faces :D

After that the rain had stopped and it was trying to brighten up so we headed onto the beach to throw some stones in. No-one was intending a swim, or at least no-one had brought swim wear, 


And these two got thoroughly SOAKED ~ neither had spares and neither seemed to care. Mr B actually went for a swim!

After their dip in the sea, we got ice-creams and waited for the kids to dry off a little, before returning to the Sea-life Centre to visit the penguins which had missed first time around and apparently were a must!

All in all a good fun day and definitely one to be remembered :D Sad goodbyes were said, as we guess it'll be a while before we see these friends again :-( and we headed off back up the coast.

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