Thursday, August 01, 2013

Holiday 2013 ~ Part 5 ~ Kentwell Hall / A Day in 1559

Today was our day to take a step back in time...

Wednesday,  July 3rd, 1559

Our visit to Kentwell Hall was very much enjoyed by everyone. I personally wished the day was longer, but I'm sure on the 'other side' of things I would be glad the day was not!

It was fun to see some familiar faces, even if they carried slightly less familiar names :D

I found every conversation I had to be interesting and informative. I particularly enjoyed the potters yard (I've always wanted to do this...) and I loved this clock, made by Dr John;

Minnie seemed quite a natural spinner (on a drop-spindle) & DD was a dab hand at carding :D

Taz tried his hand at making a pin, and made a quite acceptable job of it I believe.

The Still Room fascinated me too. I love the idea of natural medicines and could have kept listening (and learning) for a goodly while, but for little restless people at my heals.

Chip mostly enjoyed throwing food to the fish (and stones to the water).

The biggest kids thoroughly enjoyed putting their hand to the long-bow and loosing some arrows upon the but.  Even Paul & I took our turn! We visted the archers twice and had a goodly stay the second time, until we were ushered off the land (as the site was closing for the day). 

And now I'm left with at least two children who fancy living life in the tudor camp next year. I'm not against the idea, but it will mean a LOT of sewing and travelling between now and then... so we'll see!

One of the lasting effects that 1559 has had on my children has been the language! They now have much fun 'playing' with tudorese in their conversations ;)

Even MORE pictures below!!

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