Monday, July 29, 2013

Holiday 2013 ~ Part 4 ~ Maldon & Movies

Tuesday was our 'free' day. We did try to organise meeting up with someone, but it just wasn't possible in the end. So after seeking advice on Facebook about what to do for the day we set off for Maldon Promenade. Actually it wasn't the greatest decision. There wasn't too much there for the older ones and the Splash Zone, which was the main purpose of the trip, wasn't going to open until 4pm. So the little ones played on the pirate ship for a while (which was pretty fabulous actually).

Sol was not into it the ship much though, so after a bit we all took a stroll up to the end of the 'pier'. It was very windy and pretty chilly, so even though on a sunny day (by now the sun had hidden away) that might have been nice, it wasn't really!

We headed back to the 'cafe' and bought chips etc... for lunch while we reconsidered our plan for the rest of the day! We were visited by a family of starlings while we ate, and that amused the children for a few minutes!

As we sat there it began to threaten rain - entirely putting pay to the Splash Zone idea, as it was now unlikely to even open at all in the rain! Paul, brilliant as ever, had the wonderful idea of quickly booking us all into the cinema in Braintree. The children had all asked to see Despicable Me 2 this holiday ~ and now seemed like the perfect opportunity - how to redeem the day! :D

Before we left Paul and big kids walked up the other end of the prom, to have a look at the boats (and take some pictures) and I took the smaller ones back to the park to play for a few more minutes (DD & Stitch were begging to). This time Sol warmed to the idea and they had fun playing there until the rain came...

After the cinema we had to come up with a meal plan, so we headed to an Italian 'Tutti' restaurant - thinking you can't go far wrong with pizza and pasta! The meal was very mediocre though, and, I felt, pretty expensive for what we had (and of course we didn't spot the 2 for 1 vouchers on the back of the cinema tickets until two days later!). But it was warm and edible, which was a plus! Sol, however, was past eating and Paul ended up missing out on pudding (not that he missed much) to take Sol out of the restaurant. He was just too tired to cope with the sitting nicely thing that night!

So, not the best day, but not a total disaster either... there's always tomorrow ;)

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