Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Lot of Not a Lot!

If you want to see our family holiday pictures hop on over to here; www.tmfh.me.uk/blog/familyholiday. I'll blog it all wordily sometime soon, but we have Paul's parent here for a few days as of tomorrow, so it's not likely to happen until they've gone.

It's taken me all last week to work through the gazillion pictures, so the children have kept themselves busy. The last two days they've been doing a bit of quilling and other than that just a whole lot of playing (inside and out). I'm not feeling guilty ~ when was the last time we had a summer like this?!!

(left)TP    (right)Minnie + Lilo & DD)
(left)Taz     (right)TP

I bought them a french skipping set ~ they love it!

I also bought Cat's Cradle, which Minnie is now obsessed with, and a book of Marbles games, which hasn't arrived yet. Do you get the idea that I want them to spend some time away from screens this summer?!!

Chip has done a fair bit of this too (catching up)!

and a good deal of this...
My little mud magnet! He always looks dirty and unkept ~ but they say dirty hands are a sign you had fun, and he is assisted in his mud-fun by the plentiful supply of mole-hills that we have in our garden!!

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