Thursday, August 22, 2013

Feeling Poetic

This last week I have spent WAY too many hours working in front of screens.

This morning I sat down to do the same, but I briefly picked up a pen and 'doodled' a poem. I quite liked it...

Small & Big

Once, I was small,
Now I am big.
I remember small,
I forget now I’m big.
Small was adventurous,
Big is responsible.
But down inside the adventure still lives!
Small was slender,
Big is big.
Small dreamed of the future,
Big romances the past.
Small never thought of growing old,
Big considers it often.
And doesn’t very much want to go there.


Small wasn’t really happy
Big is happy to the core.
Small was often lonely,
Big is seldom alone.
Small was hard,
Big is softer.
But still has edges that need smoothing down!
Small feared singleness and baroness,
Big is blessed in marriage, with a quiver-full.
Small searched for security,
Big nestles in it arms.
Small sang for comfort,
Big sings for joy.
Far rather the song of today than of yesterday.


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