Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Fly By Summer...

I can't believe we are already almost into the second week of August! How is the summer flying by so very fast :(

But we've been busy ~ doing inside things and outside things...

I have spent a few day clearing out piles of clothes from the landing (into massive boxes) and last Saturday, Paul and I had a MAJOR tidy up (and re-arrange) in the garage. We didn't throw away very much, in all honesty - just one run to the tip, but we did get to a point where we now know what we have and consider none of it to be a waste of space! And I can actually get to the boxes of clothes that the younger boys will grow into!

The children have mostly played together a lot. Just yesterday, Joel invented a game ~ 'spoon football' ~ played like table-football with spoons! Two teams and two goalies required + plus lots of spoons and a robust table!!

At the beginning of summer I invested in new skipping ropes, French skipping games, Cats Cradle and a book of '101 ways to play with marbles'. All have been used, some more extensively than others. The marbles book only just came, and it's been a little wet the last few days, but it looks fun :D

We took the Children to Wheelock Hall farm one afternoon, while Paul's parents were here ~ but it was one SERIOUSLY hot day and we didn't last all that long. Perhaps we'll go back another cooler day :D. Chip loved the animals, especially the cows, there's a great play park there with climbing frames and go-karts (but I was avoiding the sun, so no pictures of that sorry) and they have a hay-stack in the barn, just for the kids to play on. It's a great place to go and only cost £2 per child! :D

PLUS they sell delicious ice-cream!!

We have been down to the village brook to play & build dams ~ a great way to cool off on hot days!

And played crazy roundabout games in the park...

We've played with the Crazy-Daisy in the garden (on seriously hot days).

and we've BBQ'd with friends & filled up their bird table with stones! :D

The children have 'mummified' each other ~ just for fun!

And we've been to the beach in the POURING rain (just after the pictures, although it was drizzling even then) ~ fun in a not-so-fun-but-you-have-to-laugh kind of way!

Taz has embarked on building himself a go-kart to keep himself busy.

And DD is working hard on his gym conditioning (whilst they are on a break) and is on a mission to get his splits (box and front) to the floor by term start  ~ he is SO nearly there on both counts!

Ten Minutes From Home: Starwars & Splits &emdash; _DSC9537
Ten Minutes From Home: Starwars & Splits &emdash; _DSC9541
He's not the only one on a mission either. If you follow me on Facebook, you will know I have decided to swim myself fit (and hopefully thinner). Dieting is too hard, so I'm just eating better and exercising more. I've managed to get from struggling to do 10 lengths (300m) three weeks ago, to swimming 45 lengths in 45 minutes yesterday and feeling I could have carried on if Paul wasn't waiting in the car-park for me! I am determined to get to 60 lengths (a mile), three times a week, and be doing it in an hour by the end of summer. I think it's achievable. But then the outside pool (which is open all the time) closes and I will have to fit swimming around the craziness of term-time again. I am even considering joining the gym, but I'm not there in my head yet!

The other great thing about the swimming is that TP & Lilo often come with me and are working on their stamina too. I have set Lilo a target ~ if she can swim 10 lengths by the end of summer she can stop having lessons. Currently she can swim only 3, but I think she will do it. :D

Next week we are all busy with the church holiday club ~ Pyramid Rocks ~ and then my Mum will be here for a few weeks.  Just now TP has a friend to stay for a couple of nights and the biggest three are down at the church helping set up for the club. The youngest ones are about to watch a video I think, but they have been playing well all morning. I am about to embark on the ever-dreaded mountain of marking before summer actually runs out on me ~ I'm going to sit in the garden to do it I think!

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Nikki Wall said...

The summer is flying by, although I'm looking forward to the schools starting up again so it's quieter when we're out and about.

I'm impressed with your persistence with swimming. I doubt I would manage more than a length these days.