Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Holiday 2013 ~ Part 7 ~ Ipswich Park & After...

This was the last day of our holidays and we began it by driving up to a park in Ipswich to meet up with some of our home-ed friends.
The park was lovely and it was really nice to have a brief catch up :)

After a good cool off in the Splash Zone,

the older children went off in a big group and hunted for Geocaches. They successfully found one, but the other was illusive (possibly moved, as it hadn't been found in a while apparently). For whatever reason though, I just didn't take many pictures :(

After this we headed into Colchester because the children were all desperate to go to the Leisure Pool there. We were pleased to see some extra bits added since last time we were there and we all had a lovely time. Chip was a bit hesitant at first (he'd not been swimming a great deal up to this point in his life), but the lovely warm spa pool sold it to him quick enough :D And after that he just warmed to the whole idea and had a lot of fun. We stayed in the pool a good hour and a half and by the time we were all dressed and ready, it was getting well on towards tea time as we walked up through the park.

We had already decided that tonight would be the night we went to Sloppy Joe's ~ which was always one of our favourite places to eat when we lived in Colchester and we were SO happy to see it was still alive and well! The meal was as amazing as ever and almost everyone ate everything! The children all loved it just as much as they always have :D So it still remains one of our favourite places to eat as a family...

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