Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Week to Breathe

Having not had quite the peaceful, relaxed week I had expected last week I made the decision that this week would not be a 'school' week either, especially as many of the schools around here take a two week half term anyway, so why not us!

Saturday began in the garden playing in the paddling pool and nip to the village hall to look at the plans for the new play area that the village has funding for. The girls got their faces painted :) Later in the day The Dunnes arrived, so after that the children were occupied playing and us chatting :D

Sunday was church, where Paul was all-singing-all-dancing this week as the other Pastor's are down at Elim's Annual Conference. It all went well and he preached a really excellent sermon (sometimes the best comes out of the worst ~ I'm not sure how he managed to get it together so well considering the week we'd had ~ God is gracious!!). All the girls went off to play with friends in the afternoon, Joel had a friend over and the general theme was play and sleep! I slept most of the afternoon as I really was getting to a point of vacancy!

On Monday we were going to spend the day at Conference, but there was a general lack of enthusiasm from anyone but Bugs and Lilo to get up and go, so Bugs went with a friend of his (for two days actually) and we decided to spend less money (the day pass was not cheap) and do something else as a family. Initially I had thought that going to a hands-on farm-type place would be fun, esp for the younger ones, but after a while searching the net for somewhere local enough not to make it a major expedition, I drew the conclusion that every farm-attraction in the country must be closed on Mondays!! OK plan B ~ Techniquest ~ that would be fun for everyone... NOPE! Closed on Mondays!! OK, so without spending a small fortune (which was NOT the plan as we are going on holiday next month and need to TRY to have some spending money put by) there was literally no-where to go (where we hadn't been before)! Lesson learnt ~ never get Paul to take Monday off again if we actually want to DO something interesting! In the end we decided to head up to Snugbury's for ice-cream, look at the animals and have a little walk by the Canal.  Just a couple of hours out and back home for a quiet afternoon. The animals proved to be no more than a few pigs and a goat ~ although watching the goat and one of the pigs tussling was funny. The walk proved to be half hour (just right) wander through fields of long grass. This in turn meant DD SCREAMING most of the way round as he was in shorts and really couldn't stand the 'itching' on his legs! Stitch also made a fair amount of fuss and Paul ended up shoulder-carrying him a large portion of the way! The short reprieve was the 5 minutes that were actually by the canal, where the boys enjoyed throwing stones in, but Paul got annoyed because he really just wanted to hurry up and get home (he was tired too)! The ice-cream - thankfully - was delicious!!

We returned home and the kids literally vegged out in front of videos and TV for the rest of the day. Paul got fish and chips for tea (as that was always the plan) and then we chivvied them off to bed early!

The general theme for the rest of the week has so far been too much screen time, but quite a lot of nice playing together too.

Tomorrow is DD's 5th Birthday..!

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