Friday, June 04, 2010

Stitch Turns 3!!

This post is a LITTLE late, due to some unforeseen circumstances, which some of you will know about by now!

On May 27th my baby boy turned 3 ~ already!

At Birth! ~ WOW was he all boy!!

Age 1

Age 2

Age 3

I should have known the moment I saw him that this boy was tough! I thought I'd teach him to be soft and gentle, but no, this little man had other plans! Stitch is the roughest, toughest I have yet borne. He is almost fearless and seriously mischievous. He is bright and funny and doesn't miss a trick. He has a tendency to be a bit of a bully, but is thankfully growing out of that, and learning how to use his leadership qualities in a more constructive way ;-)

Stitch is adorable in just about every way ~ and he still has his baby dimples when he smiles :D, just to convince me!

For his birthday we went bowling as a family ~ he LOVES bowling! The pictures aren't that great because I forgot to take my camera and all we had was Paul's phone to capture the event!


In the afternoon we headed over to J&J's for their summer party ~ and the saga began!!

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