Saturday, June 19, 2010

All about Outside...

It's hard to stay in when the sun is shining, so mostly the children worked in the garden this week. I don't think they are nearly as productive when they work outside, but I don't care that much when there's only three weeks till we set off on hols.  It's not like they are lagging behind or anything!

It struck Bugs this week that, were he 'at school', he would have taken his options and be heading into pre-GCSE year ~ I think he was kind of glad he doesn't have that pressure on him, but I also informed him that I will be expecting him to step up a gear next year and put some real effort in. He is inherently lazy and the thought of hard work is not pleasing to him!! Taz too is slowly recognizing that this would be the start of his 'secondary' years and his work needs to reflect that! Not that he is best impressed either!

Here's some snapshots of 'School-a-la-sol' one day!

DD playing with rods.

Lilo doing Miquon (with rods)

Minnie doing English (I think) and getting distracted!
Stitch playing as a 3 yr old should be!

We went down the lane one day for Lilo to have a good ride of her bike, which she really enjoyed ~ we also stroked the horses and I got to take lots of pictures of pretty flowers on the way back. I showed the kids how to get the honey from Honeysuckle flowers and we watched bees collecting nectar for a little while. collecting nectar :D

And how could I forget to mention... last weekend was the village 'Fig-Pie Wakes' where hundreds of people roll fig-pie's down the hill! Crazy, but good fun!

And ~ we have produce (I picked a few more today too) :D ~ YUM!

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