Monday, June 14, 2010

Returning to Learning..!

...I definitely got the feeling today that the kids would rather not have! 2 weeks off and they are accustomed dwellers of 'lazy land'!!

I started using THIS today with the three youngest and it worked really well ~ even Stitch engaged well with it :D So I'm looking forward to carrying on with that.

All the children worked reasonably well ~ I just wish I hadn't tried to do Art with them. No-one really wanted to and it showed in their attitude to task. Lilo ended up in tears, but she only had to listen a little more carefully, as I actually gave her loads of help today. She usually likes art, but today I discovered she doesn't like to be taught, shown, or instructed to do anything, or try anything that stretches her abilities much ~ as usual she clamped down, rushed it, didn't really try and made me mad! I hope I can stop myself making the same mistakes with her I made with Bugs (over different subjects), but at the same time at 7-in-November I really think she needs to be 'heeding' the lessons a little more when I DO require something a little more challenging of her (which isn't that often tbh). 

So, a frustrating start to the week, leaving me with little patience for an evening without Paul ~ he's STILL out at a church leader's meeting (since 7.30). In reality though we are only having 3 weeks of 'school' before we head off on hols, so the kids really don't have much to moan about ~ just enough time to finish off a few bits and bobs for the year :D

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I'm not making any song and dance of it ~ I hope it will pass by quickly and relatively quietly ~ I don't like getting old(er)!

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