Friday, June 04, 2010

The Party & Pneumonia!

Last Weekend we headed Off The Path and had a fabulous weekend catching up with a large number of other families who I have known in blogland for a very long time. It's 3 years since we were last OTP for a party and it was lovely to get to see everyone again ~ as well as to meet some new faces (to me).

I didn't get as many photos as I'd have liked due to Stitch breaking a cold on the Friday night! He had a temp, which we dosed him for, but the med's seemed to have less and less effect as the weekend went on and he became increasingly droopy. We had thought we would leave Sunday teatime, but by mid-afternoon we knew we needed to get him home (much to the disappointment of my other children). I hoped a night in his bed and some good sleep would make him perk up.
On Monday he was a touch brighter, so we dosed him up and headed up to Quinta (Nr Oswesty) to drop the big four at Energi camp for the week ~ and meet up with The Dunnes (also dropping one at Energi) for lunch and a short walk. We took the buggy as we knew Stitch was not up to the walk. Stitch managed a few chips for lunch, but quickly drooped again. The walk was only short and we decided to go anyway for the other three children. It was lovely ~ along the canal at West Rhyn. It was also decided that Lilo would go back to theirs for the half-term hols :D

By the time we got home Stitch was looking really poorly ~ glazed, hot and pretty much delirious! I took his temp ~ 39.7 under his arm! I had been hoping, being that it was a Bank Holiday, to fight through to Tuesday morning, but decided he needed to be seen now, especially as I couldn't really get him to drink anything. So up to Out-Of-Hours we trooped ~ and he was admitted. I had expected an ear/throat infection, but no ~ his oxygen was low (around 90%) and he had suspected Pneumonia! Thankfully I had sent Paul with some PJ's and stuff for him 'just in case' (sometimes I am very thankful that I am a J-I-C kind 
of person)! 48hours of IV antibiotics was on the cards...

Paul stayed Monday night and I went up Tuesday to relieve him. DD went to stay with a friend of ours which meant we didn't have to think too much about him :D When I got there Stitch's temp was down, he was off the O2 and he looked a bit brighter, but he was still pretty lifeless.

By Wednesday he was bright as a button again ~ the magic of IVAB's!! I was hoping we might go home, but the 48hrs wasn't up, so we had to stay another night. Caleb came to visit in the evening, but by 6.30 he was all worn out, so Daddy bathed him and settled him down. He slept well but woke intermittently to ask for daddy :( 
By Thursday he was noisy enough to convince them of his need for discharge!! BUT it was almost 2pm by the time his take-homes were ready, so he played in the garden most of the day...

By the time we got home I was exhausted, had a headache and never thought I would be so grateful of a comfy place to sit and sleep!

Stitch is now pretty much back to his normal self, although his dependency levels seem to have risen a little!

Paul is back down to Quinta to pick up the brood this afternoon, and Lilo and The Dunnes arrive tomorrow to drop-off one and pick-up one! My lovely week of special 'little' activities didn't really work out, but DD has fun with my friends and I am very grateful that I didn't have 6 other children to think about whilst in hospital with Stitch.

Thank-you to everyone who has followed us on BK and FB this week ~ your thoughts, prayers and well wishes have been much appreciated :D

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Ellie's Treasures said...

Gosh how scary for you all. Poor Stitch. My friend's little 6 year experienced the same thing week before last. Mum thought it was just a tummy bug, but the little one kept complaining that his ribs heart. Luckily she decided to take him to a drop in centre who diagnosed pneumonia. She was pretty shocked (as we all were).

Glad Stitch is much better now. Elaine