Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Snap-Shot Day

Somehow today never quite went as planned, but plenty still happened ~ even a little bit of 'finishing off' from last weeks art lesson on 'highlights' - which was more successful for some than others! (pictures to follow when I've taken them!)

Lilo did some reading ~ she is enjoying being able to pick any book she likes off the shelf a couple of times a week (not that she never could before, but I've put it on her 'schedule' so now she actually does so!) and generally goes for anything that looks pink and girly! Today she actually read two :D

Taz was working on his RE research ~ currently Islam. He is sort of enjoying it, but didn't get much on paper today. He says it's a lot harder than he thought it was going to be, but interesting all the same. The challenge is to find unbiased information ~ it really is difficult!

The little boys did a bit of handwriting practice (while Bugs stared into space and chewed his nails it seems!).

It's hard to see it, but still...

Lilo and DD played a game of 'Make'N'Break' ~ which is quick and fun :D

Minnie cooked lunch (a bit much later than normal and threw the day into disarray), but it was declicous, so she's forgiven! My kids love the recipes off the Philedephia website and they do generally turn out well :D

There were, of course, a lot of other happenings in the day that I didn't take picture of, but I'm trying to be better with my blogging, so better this than nothing :D


HelenHaricot said...

love the reactions tool :) also sound like a great day

liveotherwise said...

I love photo posts. We've got a game called Make n Break - doesn't look like that though!

C said...

Goodness I have been reading your blog for years and pick up new ideas with nearly every post.
I like the reactions tool too :)