Friday, October 26, 2012

Birthday in the Forest

Yesterday my number 2 turned 

(those dates aren't right, just ignore them!)

He's a bit camera shy...

so he usually pulls a silly when he sees me coming!

All the same ~ this is who he is...

silly, sensitive, stroppy (well he is 14!) - and just a little bit wild!

We went to Delamere Forest in the afternoon and you should have seen (which you won't because my camera missed it) the EPIC dive he did ~ hurtling VERY fast down a steep slope ~ over his handlebars! He looked like Superman! HOW his head missed the tree (whose roots he hit) I will never know, although I am very thankful it did!

Once his bike had been carried back to the car, where we just so happened to have the right spanner to refit his wheel into its correct position, we carried on on with our walk.

Nothing stops this kid!

And as we were in a forest, we did a bit of fungus hunting too :D

Having read on NinnyNoodleNoo all about their adventures in the woods, this had made it's way onto my 'to-do' list for half-term!

Happy Birthday (for yesterday) Taz!

On the way home it was decided that instead of nipping into Tesco for pizza toppings we would just do KFC instead. It was getting late admittedly, but KFC is not my favourite and they almost always miss something off our humongous order. Last night was no exception, only it was only something small (two dips) that Bugs failed to notice (or mention) until the chicken was all but gone! Other than that it was quite an enjoyable meal ~ as it goes. We were all full at least!  We did still pop into Tesco though for pudding ~ Taz wanted a cheesecake, and had I had cream in the fridge I'd have made one, but I didn't so bought it was. It was tasty enough though (orange, mango and passionfruit ~ nice choice Taz!) :D

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