Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Give a Boy...

... A Camera... 

It's Paul's very old phone, but when I convinced him to get it, 
it wasn't for the phone, it was for the camera!

The phone is now pretty much defunked, as the buttons are quite unresponsive, 
some don't work at all, and the screen is cracked,

but the camera is still brilliant.

DD has been NAGGING for a camera for sometime.

We bought him one for his Leapfrog Explorer, but it ceased to function (for whatever reason).

So, I gave him TP's little Vivitar hand-me-down, but he got SO frustrated with it, 
as it really requires the most steady of hands (never bother with Vivitar!).

Eventually, I bought a new battery for the Cybershot, found the charger and handed him it.

He is now one very happy boy, and has been clicking away ever since!


This was his first 'shoot' ~ outside in the almost-dark 

~ shooting birds!


No challenge there then!


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