Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From The Other Side...

Today's post comes to you (mostly) courtesy of TP's photo journalling :D She's a bit keen with her camera too, and as I was off-loading her pictures tonight I couldn't wait to share the way she has captured our home-life and the busyness on one particular school day... enjoy!


This one in particular made me happy - it was the first push and his very first success at riding his bike.

Once Upon a School Day

Slides = potato (had to make that thinner), moss and grass

Love this!

Minnie now cooks lunch on a Wednesday, as DD has gym in the evening 5-8pm which kind of messes up teatime rather! Anyway, this way she gets to practice her cooking and he gets a hot meal :D This day her offering was a particular success! As I remember it was Seasame Stir-fry Chicken.

Then she sussed out how to do party tricks with her camera!!

and these were today ~ making plasticine monsters :D I've had these 'limbs' since I was a child!

And a few from me to finish off...

~ ~ ~ ~ 

At one time I never thought I'd see this boy study like this!

He was telling me the buggy was "broke" ~ which it wasn't. But I did a bit of pretend DIY and...

That made him happy :D

~ ~ ~ ~ 

I'm really glad TP took these ~ it gives me a chance to see how HE looks in the eyes of one of my children at least :D! I hope she'll take more another day too.


HelenHaricot said...

great post, i really loved it :)

Zoe said...

Loved TPs photos and a fab post :)