Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 Weeks In

Two weeks down and all's going well so far :D 

I'm SO pleased with the way All About Spelling is working with the younger three.

My biggest challenge each day is trying to make sure Chip has plenty to do ~ and he's not too keen on having no-one to play with when we are all busy working :( I try to include him in whatever we are doing, but he is pretty single minded and doesn't want his own version of whatever ~ he wants MINE! So we survive most morning with a backdrop of intermittent screaming ~ sigh!

I bought some 'Tangles' to help out with the fiddle factor during 'listening time' ~ mainly intended for Stitch & Taz, but they've been a hit with everyone :D


 I bought a jumbo-sized textured one for Chip, which he loved at first, but of course he doesn't want that now...


Bugs has been working hard on getting his portfolio organised. I think he is about 90% done, so now to order prints and a presentation album ~ and make aNOTHER phone-call to the college to try to get his entrance test and interview sorted. I must say I won't be sorry when it's all settled and we both know what's happening for him next year. But at the same time I need to start making enquiries for Taz because he is not so far away from all this now too!

In other news, my nan turned 87 last Tuesday. She came over for tea. The girls and I baked a cake, but then they went out and left me to finish off the decorating!



And then, overnight the weather changed


And I fear we've seen the last of summer :( ~ I'm so not ready to wave it goodbye just yet!

Heather Study

It's been so cold here the children have been wearing their snuggle suits ~ with clothes under ~ ALL DAY! 

snuggly boys

And that about 'wraps-up' the week :D

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