Thursday, April 23, 2009

Non-Book day - ermmm - well...

...more of a non anything day really. We don't seem to quite have a handle on this 'back to school' thing atm - the sunshine is too irresistible and no-one wants to be inside! Ah well - I guess it's OK - we could be packing up the house next week and for the next month, so I'm sure not much schooling will happen these next couple of months anyway - and then it will be summer holidays and we can start afresh in September - new house, new space, new system - I hope!!

So today began with them all doing some quiet reading. Phoebe's book of choice atm is he Bible :D. Then the rest of the day consisted mainly of bouncing on th etrampoline (PE - check) and yet more bubbles (maths, science, creativity, exercise - all check), only this time with sugar added (makes the bubbles last longer) and the mixture did make it possible to get a LOT more big floaty ones, and multi ones, even up to 5 all joined together a few times. The boys invented games with them - mostly a war game, where, dependent on the size of the bubble it was either an aircraft bomber, a bomb, or a nuclear bomb and when it exploded, and with what velocity that explosion happened, determined the damage caused to the opponents location! Nothing but creative anyway :D. The many wands today were constructed not only using Zome (which I have now ordered more of, but could only find in the USA in decent quantities), but also using Knex. It worked just as well tbh, but was a bit more complicated to get more than flat shapes from for the littlies. That's the lovely thing about Zome - it really is soooo easy to use - even for Ellie. I think the best result we got today - in terms of huge-ness - came from the  big, flat rectangle that Jake built. It made like a sheet of bubble which then created the biggest bubbles!
Some other activities DID happen today though - only more spontaneously than usual: The big girls did some beading, making beaded keyrings for the girls next door, one of whom has just turned 8. Abs thought quite carefully about her patterning (maths- check). Abbie also made a card for her - completely by herself (Art/craft - check) :D. Ellie caught up on her Headsprout reading books (we had a few to do) and although she does need to re-read them and practice them, she is doing pretty well actually, when her memory works to full pelt! And When it was getting cooler in the garden I did persuade the boys to do some 'homework' (my word for finishing off stuff, or doing stuff they should have already done earlier!). Jake did a lesson on Conquer Maths and Joel finished of Literacy Yr6 on Ed City (he is actually only 'in' Yr5, so he is plenty ahead)! He has actually almost finished the Yr5 maths on there too, I just want him to up his results in the tests. He got 77% and 69% (test B) on his first try (that's a good Level 4 in SATS terms), so it shouldn't be too hard to improve. I'd like him to get 80% on at least one before I put him up to Yr6 Maths. Science - well it's not his forte and he's only about half way through, but I think with a little time and effort he would catch up with that too - maybe with all this time when I am going to be packing boxes that's something for him to work on. I can see ED City being worth it's weight/cost in gold in the coming weeks...

Nat's first for the day was pushing E's doll pram part-way home from playgroup - very cute!

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