Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

You know how sometimes life just passes by and nothing much happens - well today has NOT been one of those days :D

Nat achieved some firsts today - first walking on a wall, first blowing of a dandelion clock, first bubbles blown & first putting two words together ("more bubble"). 

I know some of those don't seem very major, but they are still worth noting.

First day back today too - morning went fine, afternoon went pear-shaped! Well, that's not really fair, it only really went pear-shaped for Jacob as he had melt down over his science - again! He simply does not 'get' how to think like a scientist. I am so tempted to forget the whole thing and just look at stuff as and when it becomes relavent to him. What do you think? Should I persist, or give it up as a lost cause? Is it really worth the upset time and again? He finds it so hard to verbalise concepts in a short concise way that don't sound like telling a story. He struggles to 'hypothesise' in any way at all and drawing conclusions is even worse! Do I just stick at it - even though I know in my heart there is no chance of him ever doing a scientific job - just because I 'should', or what do I do? Help!!

Other than that there were some lovely moments spent together in the garden today - where Phoebe's little digital weather station measured 41 celcius (static in the sun)! It really was VERY warm, even if it wasn't quite that hot! We did LOTS of bubble blowing today and then didn't want to go back inside again, so we moved school outside after lunch. I am so looking forward to being able to have outside/inside school in our new house (still hopeful). 

Landlords came round this evening to do a visual inspection. They seemed happy enough so hopefully they will write us a good reference and we will be away!!

Lots of photos (in a collage) over at my 365, but here's a few to appease - as always click to see bigger :D
Jake took some amazing Self-portrait shots today too, so I'll post up a link when he puts them on his blog.

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