Monday, April 20, 2009

Haircuts & Stuff

Well I guess it might be a Spring thing, but my littlies all needed a mop-chop so here are some B&A’s (click to see bigger).  N&C visited the barbers. Caleb LOVES the barbers and gets really excited. Nat was not so sure and clung to me rather like a limpet to the point where I was rather hairy when we left! E's I did myself - I can do bobs - I had lots of practice in my teens when a friend and I used to cut each others all the time :D

Caleb had a Speech Therapy appointment last week. She said he is doing well, but there is definitely still some delay (which I knew) and she is keeping him on the books for now. He will get another appointment in 3 months time. His basic speech is developing slowly, but he needs to really work on getting grammatical words in his sentences and endings such as ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ added onto his verbs (which considering he had no verbs a year ago is good progress).

We STILL don’t know if we are moving house yet. Understandably the landlord-to-be requested a reference from our current landlord (annoyingly AFTER all other paper work was in), but we have been unable to get it this week as they have been away on holiday. I’m hoping that we will be able to get it all sorted this week and know for sure – and move in a month from now :D THIS is the house  that we have applied for (unfurnished though). It is gorgeous and ticks every box imaginable. I don’t how long we will be able to be there for, or indeed how long we will remain where we are geographically, but whatever it takes to get out of this sardine tin (as that’s how it feels now) I really don’t care!

Back to school tomorrow. Looking forward to it in some ways, not in others. It always seems harder to concentrate when the sun in shining and this holiday has been so relaxed and easy I don’t really want it to end. The routine can feel such a driving force at times. I like getting off now and then, but it’s hard to get back on again. The kids are a bit tired though – LOADS of really late nights and sleep overs with friends (here and there). Normal life might seem a bit boring after all that.

I am looking into a new system of structuring our school-life. Check it out… I’m not sure how it’s going to work out logistically for us yet, but I feel I need something to help me out, after all Caleb will be joining us in September and I really feel I need to put some kind of structure into the littlies education too (not rigid or harsh, but present at least!). Besides the fact that Nat will not be attending Playgroup if we move to that house. It is too far, without a car, to take him everyday to the one we have used since Joel was small :(, and sadly too far really to the village one to do two trips there & back a day without a car (about a mile and a half probably – one way). I know we have a bus…but I still can’t drive! MAYBE this might be the year I learn – who knows! And if I do, Paul might just have to take to his biketo work again, so that I can have the bus in the day times ;) He’s not too enamoured by this idea – he even threatened to learn to ride a motorbike – there’s no way I’m letting him though! We simply can’t afford to run two cars whatever, so the bike might just have to become a reality for him if driving does become a reality for me – which is actually still very unlikely (hehe)!

Lastly... I started a 365 Year In Pictures blog tonight - all followers welcome :D

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