Saturday, December 13, 2008

Operation Winter Clean!

Tuesday - Baby-sitting for a friend (home 11pm)
Wednesday - Band Practice (home 10pm)
Thursday - ladies night in Costa Coffee (home 10pm)
Friday - Choir Practice. (home 10pm)

Set to tidying the house today and yesterday. Yesterday - dusted and polished through and P hoovered while I was out with all kids in the morning (easier that way) - then home, lunch, more tidying, rearranging lounge ready for Christmas tree, sorting, washing, putting away clothes etc...
Today operation hallway, stairs, bathrooms and kitchen, turned into MAJOR wall washing in lounge (old pencil parks and red playdoh!) & stairway, and cleaning all the doors in the house! I did the bathrooms too, scrubbing all the grouting on the tiles too! Hand scrubbed the floors in both b'rooms. De-cobwebbed everywhere (made C very happy - now he will use the downstairs loo again!!). Melted 13 candles into their holders and burnt smelly oils everywhere to try and rid the smell of 'dust' from the air. BUT P's parents arrived just about lunch time (same time all the kids arrived home from Ballet and dress-rehearsals for nativity play) to find me still cleaning in my now-filthy dirty PJ's! Needless to say, the kitchen just never got done. No swimming on Monday so P has promised to help me hit it and do it thoroughly ready for 'the season of good cheer' (and sore throats & colds!). I must say I am really happy with the way the house looks and smells now - clean, tidy and sparkly - so long as you just don't go in our room, where I have dumped everything that needs to go up, out, or away still. I'm not really sure about my own thinking on this one, except that I can now work out of just one space - only space is really the wrong choice of word when speaking of our tiny room as we have the smallest room in the house, bar the downstairs loo!

J2 made his first semi-public drumming performance on Friday at choir and is going to be drumming with us from now on - officially! He makes his d├ębut on Friday night at our church 'Christmas Cracker' night - music & entertainment evening. I must admit, I was amazed at his stamina. Playing a full size drum kit for nigh on 2 hours. He was pretty tired though and he said the base drum pedal was a lot heavier than on his flat-pad kit (which of course it would be), so his leg ached, but he really was ace!
Jake has been practising hard for this Friday evening too with his dance group, and he has a solo piece in it (being the only boy!) with spins on the floor and somersault-flips off the stage - can't wait to see it! I think he will steal the show :) - that's my boy!!
I'm in the 'show' too - three dances with our adult dance group, and two choir pieces.
Tomorrow morning is the church nativity and E gets to be Mary with another diddy little 5yo boy as Joseph - should be really cute :) A is reading (of course) and P is a shepherd with her best friend - and amazingly, she has memorised her lines really well :) Glad P's parents get to be here to see it.

I'm exhausted now and am singing in the morning so need to get some shut eye and rest my dusty throat and sneezy nose - I hate cleaning, it's like a recipe for an instant cold for me, but needs must sometimes I guess! :(

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