Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chilled out week...

I decided to give the kids a break this week and do Christmassy stuff. So we have made many Hama decorations, snowflakes for the window (with added glitter) as has become an annual tradition here, a birthday cake for Mum (it was her birthday yesterday), and spent a couple of days making cards for family members. There's been board games too and lots of noise! Generally a relaxed happy week and just now the kids are all out at the Trailblazers (kids club) party - peace!
I have dance again tonight (I'll be losing weight at this rate - I wish), but my back started hurting again this morning. Tough though - I have to do the dance tomorrow, so I'll have to just grin and bear it (quite literally)!

I was rather proud of Mum's cake though - little pink handmade roses on it - but my camera has messed up the pictures, so this was taken with a bit missing!

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